Selfhelp - twice a month
  • Carers can share their experience, support each other and present their triumphs in care.
  • Carers also learn about useful innovations and news. 
  • We meet in the morning as well as afternoon, so carers can choose. They can come at both times as well.  
Thematic and creative
  • As with selfhelp, these meetings are also held twice a month, once in the morning and once in the evening and it is possible to attend both. 
  • Creative meetings present an opportunity to try a specific technique while sharing care.
  • Thematic present an interesting topic from a fellow carer or an invited expert.  

There is no "minimal engagement." It is up to everyone to decide how much they wish to interact (you can only listen if you want to).
You don't have to come at the beginning or stay the whole time either. Simply come when and how often you want to and your care makes it possible.